Monday, May 10, 2010

Bukit Merah Amphibious Island Assult

New site for Paintballerss.....
New Scenario for all to enjoy....
Amphibious Assault....
Have you got the guts?
Come and Join in....
we dare you.....
Bring your family....
Special Rooms Rate available for Players...
bring along your fishing rod + bait...
We will try to get local fisherman to sell their Toman or whatever fish they catch...
we will bakar the fish, beside the lake

When: Saturday and Sunday, Jun 19 and 20, 2010
Where: Bukit Merah Resort, Gunung Semanggol, Perak
Organizer: Kelab Paintball Taiping, Aghon Xquest

Player will be devided into 3 large group depend on the package you chose

Package ALPHA (RM 100.00/pax)
2D1N, Most likely as Red Army
Stay at Camping Site (Bring your own tent or joint the marque tent club
Boat /Ferry
Haversack Meals 6x
Island Night Show
Report on Day1 10:00H

Package BRAVO (RM 80.00/pax)
Likely to be Special Forces of Blue Army
(2D1N) Accommodation on your own.
Special rate given by Bukit Merah Resort.
Boat /Ferry
Haversack Meals 3x
Island Night Show
Report on Day1 14:00H

Package CHARLIE (RM 50.00/pax)
Most Likely as Blue Forces;
Or reinforcement forces of Red Army
Walk in basis
Boat /Ferry
Haversack Meals 2x
Report on Day 2, 10:00H

Paintballs only RM160.00 per box
Unlimited CO2, Compressed air.
Marker rental RM30/day

Pay your entrance fee and fill in the form.
First 100 player will get special goodies.
Maybank : Aghon Xquest
Account No: 508300209546
Email :
Further Info: 0196592442 (Rashid)
Original post at
Facebook post!/event.php?eid=118060424893732

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